No Masturbating March

No Masturbating March means That People Can’t Masturbate From 1 to 30th of March

Credit To NoFap For the Tips

1. NEVER touch your dick!

And I really mean never! I read a post some days ago which said that you will never relapse if you just don’t touch your dick. It is true! So even if you have urges, don’t even touch it once because otherwise, you will fall into the edge-trap

2. NEVER peek!

You should not think «Just peeking won’t be a big deal, just one or two videos… I won’t even touch my dick». Trust me, you WILL eventually touch it because you get aroused. That is another edge-trap.

And if you start edging, you have failed. Peeking will 100% lead to relapse after some time.


Whenever you’re bored, and maybe think «hmm… maybe I should PMO?“ you could also WORKOUT and feel like a real champ afterwards.


I know it’s hard, but after some time you’ll start to enjoy it. It gives you an energy spike and you’re more awake than showering warm. It also prevents you from PMOing.


You tend to start fapping when bored and don’t have anything to do. You might not even have strong urges but you still do it.

If you stay busy (gaming, doing chores, workout, reading, etc.) you will have 0 chance of PMOing and PLUS you did something useful!

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