To be a powerful competition poker player, having a firm comprehension of ICM is basic to accomplishing full benefit. While arriving at the last table, the contrast between completing in fifth and completing in fourth might appear to be microscopic, yet the exceptional distinction in payout should be considered as you explore hands. In competitions like GGPoker’s week by week Super Millions, neglecting to consider payout suggestions can bring about botches that cost many thousands.

This video comes from Jonathan Little’s YouTube Channel. In the event that you might want to keep awake to date with more video content like this, including hand breakdowns from Hellmuth versus Dwan, Daniel Negreanu, Brad Owen.

Clash Of The Large Stacks
With five excess players at the GGPoker Super Millions Last Table, players “B Botteon” and “LittleMonk” sit as the two major stacks overshadowing the three leftover short stacked players. Collapsed to on the end, LittleMonk would raise it 168,000 with A♠-Q♥. While this is a hand you would generally bring up in many situations, considering ICM LittleMonk ought to be lifting with a large number of hands to apply strain to the little stacks.

At the point when you are playing at a last table with a level payout structure, you need to be raising significantly more extensive than most GTO outlines. Numerous players make the blunder of indiscriminately following GTO outlines without thinking about payout suggestions, which is an enormous and costly misstep! On the other side, on the off chance that you are a short stacked player considering ICM you ought to play firmly to attempt to complete in the most potential beneficial position.

Following a check from B Botteon, LittleMonk would make a little continuation bet for 97,980. It is most likely correct LittleMonk would be wagering with his whole reach as he is the chip chief confronting the next in line. At a last table, the chip chief can make a ton of little wagers while confronting the second greatest stack, as the payout suggestions make it difficult for the more modest stack to make any kind of difference either way! LittleMonk applied vital strain to B Botteon on the failure, constraining him to settle on a difficult choice with two additional roads to go. B Botteon really just had two fair choices: call or check-raise little with an arrangement to overlap to a reraise.

While applying a check-raise in such a spot, it is vital to consider that the chip chief could undoubtedly call drifting lousy flush and straight draws that could arrive on the turn or stream. B Botteon would truth be told make the check-raise for 303,227 drawing a call from LittleMonk. While a ton of players would overlay to B Botteon’s hostility, that would be lamentable as LittleMonk just needs to gamble roughly 200,000 chips to win a million, an incredible cost! LittleMonk used his pot odd computations and settled on the decision.

A frightful card on the turn for B Botteon would compel him to settle up with position. While B Botteon might have endeavored to transform this hand into a feign, such a move would be imprudent with the payout suggestions and LittleMonk’s wide reach. Checked to ready, LittleMonk needed to choose checking and wagering. A bet with A♠-Q♥ on this board would be for esteem, and as chip pioneer LittleMonk can wager habitually with little bet sizes to drive his rivals to protect. Really applying pressure, LittleMonk bet 157,465. While certain players would disprove LittleMonk’s wagered as freeing himself up to be check-raised, the wide reach LittleMonk has as the chip chief permits him to address hands containing 2’s. Holding a pro, B Botteon would settle on the decision.

While the 6♦ got a feigning a potential open door, it was as yet a very predicament for B Botteon to explore out of position. In comparable spots, it is reasonable best to actually take a look at it down and abandon the hand. While B Botteon could divert a bet from LittleMonk into a feigning check-raise, the payout ramifications of having three more modest stacks at the table would have made the feign extremely unsafe. Driving out would likewise have been foolish as LittleMonk has a lot of flush attracts his reach that arrived on the waterway. Utilizing his very own technique, B Botteon would riskily lead out for 902,748, making LittleMonk overlap!






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